Thursday, 13 December 2012

Walking in a winter wonderland

Just a short walk, this afternoon, down to the river and back. Not much wildlife to report, but this little lassie enjoyed herself.....

Highlight was a green sandpiper flying out of Middle Fen, calling as it went. A few snipe were working the semi-frozen edges of the Swavesey Drain & goldfinches fed amongst the frost-covered teasels.

Due to its regular flow, the Swavesey Drain stays ice free, so is as good place to look for waterfowl, even on the coldest of days. Today it was a family of mute swans; the two adults still tolerating the presence of their three offspring.

Mute Swans
We still have some guelder rose berries around Giffords Way, so we are still hoping for the return of the waxwings!

Guelder Rose

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